Im the older sister. I was born in NJ and raised in Miami and Orlando, FL. I was raised in a home where Christian values and principles were taught since day One. Early on, my parents divorced when I was three years old. It was very hard for me, because I love and cherish them dearly, as they are wonderful parents. Although it was hard, I learned to get through the years by submerging myself in Gods presence, healing and Word over my life. He has always been the one that has gotten me through everything in life, apart from the love and care of my parents and family.

Later on, two wonderful little blessings graced my life. My two beautiful siblings, who I’m kind of obsessed with, came to be. My life would never be the same. It's incredible how God always does good for those who love Him, no matter the circumstances. My siblings have always given me a sense of belonging and a lovely bond shared by no one else. A gift from God to me.

My dream was always to become a pediatrician. I ended up going to the Dominican Republic to study medicine, as I had friends studying medicine over there. My boyfriend at the time, did not let me go to another country on my own. So he proposed! We immediately got married and he embraced the decision to become a doctor with me. Today he is an Internal Medicine resident. I've been married 9 years strong to my wonderful husband, whom I cherish and love dearly.

The decision to study abroad lead to much struggle and hardship as we were newlyweds studying medicine in a third world country. It wasn’t long before I entered into a depression. Despite it all, and with the help of God and my family, I obtained my medical degree. I am now back in the U. S. studying to complete my medical boards in order to practice here. 

Through the years I realized that my joy doesn't come from an exam, my career, or even my husband. It comes from God and the decision to trust Him. God wants us to be joyful in the midst of any circumstance. How? Because He wants us to trust Him in the midst of ALL circumstances. It can be so hard to do, at least it was for me. But it wasn’t until I surrendered it ALL to Him, anxiety, stress, worry, fear, doubt and decided to just trust Him with everything, that I’ve actually been able to experience His overflowing joy and peace in my life. After having surrendered, is when I started performing better on exams, and was able to truly enjoy my family, husband and life. My happiness skyrocketed because of that decision.

My sister and I have always been the kind of girls who've loved to invent and create. Day dreamers and inventors at heart, like our dad. We have always loved making jewelry when we got together as a hobby. But, little did we know that we would be making something that filled our hearts as much as it does. Making these prayer bracelets has been uplifting, has offered immediate gratification and purpose even. I pray it will bless you as much as it has blessed me. 

Yours Truly